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Awards and Memorable Moments


Congratulations to winners of the following five awards at the Haptics Symposium 2012:

Best Teaser Award

Best Teaser Award, sponsored by SensAble Technologies

  • “User Performance in Complex Bi-manual Haptic Manipulation with 3 DOFs vs. 6 DOFs,” Rene Weller, Gabriel Zachmann
Best Poster Award

Best Poster Award, sponsored by ForceDimension

  • “ActivePaD Surface Haptic Device,” Joe Mullenbach, Dan Johnson, J. Edward Colgate, Michael A. Peshkin

Best Student Paper Award, sponsored by Microsoft Research

  • “Co-Location of Force and Action Improves Identification of Force-Displacement Features,” Jeremy D. Brown, R. Brent Gillespie, Duane Gardner, Emmanuel A. Gansallo

Best Paper Award, sponsored by Microsoft Research

  • “Exploring the Design Space of Programmable Friction for Scrolling Interactions,” Vincent Levesque, Louise Oram, Karon MacLean

3-Way Tie of Best Demo Award, sponsored by Moog

  • “A Haptically Accurate Practice Carillon,” Joey Brink, Ying (Jean) Zheng, John Morrell

3-Way Tie of Best Demo Award, sponsored by Moog

  • “VerroTeach: Visuo-Audio-Haptic Training for Dental Caries Detection,” Margrit P. Maggio, Robert Parajon, Katherine J. Kuchenbecker

3-Way Tie of Best Demo Award, sponsored by Moog

  • “TECHTILE Toolkit,” Kouta Minamizawa, Masashi Nakatani, Yasuaki Kakehi, Soichiro Mihara, Susumu Tachi

See the powerpoint presentation of awards (including photos of the winners)


Retrospective: 20 Years of Haptics Symposium 

In HAPTICS 2012, Dov Adelstein and Ed Colgate, who were the first co-chairs of Haptics Symposium founded in 1992, gave a retrospective plenary talk about the history of haptics and Haptics Symposium. To remember its 20th anniversary, this talk was recorded, and with the speakers' permission, the video is now available for download. Enjoy the historic moment of Haptics Symposium! 


Memorable Moments