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Demo submissions

Demo submissions are now closed. Please find more information on demos in the presenter guidelines.
HAPTICS strongly encourages demonstrations of all kinds - for example, of novel developments in haptics-related devices, software or experiments which are of interest to the conference audience. Authors of accepted papers and extended abstracts are welcome to apply for demonstration space to support their presentation, whether by podium or poster. Poster presentations with a demonstration will be collocated with the demonstration. Demonstrations associated with podium papers or abstracts may be also be accompanied by a poster if a posterboard is requested at the time of submission. Demonstrations must be free of commercial content: companies wishing to showcase products should apply for exhibitor status.

Submission: Requests for demos are made using this form and must be submitted by December 19, 2011 (Monday) (23:00 PDT).

Review: Submissions will be reviewed by the Co-Chairs for Exhibits, Demonstrations, and Posters to ensure they are of interest to conference attendees and free from commercial content. Notification of demo acceptance will be made by January 25, 2011.

Publication: The demonstration description will be published in the (non-archived) Symposium Digest distributed to conference attendees.

Bringing your demo to the conference: See shipping and customs information on the Shipping and Customs page.

E.g., "John A. Jones (Univ. of Haptics), Jane B. Jones (Haptic State Univ.), Sue C. Jones (Haptic, Inc.)"
No more than 150 words.
Please submit a photograph of the demo. The image should have a square aspect ratio, with a minimum of 900x900 pixels. Accepted formats: GIF, JPG, PNG.
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