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Teaser slide


To increase the visibility of poster papers and hands-on demonstrations, these contributions will each have a 40-second oral "teaser" presentation in one of three teaser sessions. A demo associated with a paper being presented as a poster will share a single teaser with the associated poster. A demo associated with a paper being presented orally will have its own teaser. If a poster is associated with a demo, only a single slide should be created and uploaded for the poster/demo combination.


Each poster and demo author must upload a teaser slide by Sunday, February 19, 2012. Late submissions will not be included in the teaser presentations.

Format Requirements

Each teaser slide must meet the following strict requirements:

  • 1 slide in MS Powerpoint format (.ppt)
  • The aspect ratio of the teaser presentation will be 1024 pixels wide x 768 pixels high. Submit slides in 1024x768 format for best appearance.
  • Animations and video: any animations or video must run automatically when the slide comes on screen. Timing must be programmed into the slide.  Video must be embedded.  We recommend that you test the slide on at least two other computers to check for compatibility.
  • You will have 40 seconds at the podium.  Time your script/video/animations to finish in less than 40 seconds to avoid being cut off.
  • File size should not exceed 5MB.
  • Name the teaser file "posterXX.ppt" or "demoXX.ppt", where XX is your poster/demo number. If your teaser is associated with both a poster and a demo, list both on your teaser slide, and name the file posterXXdemoXX.ppt.

Creating a Good Teaser

The purpose of a teaser is to tease, not to tell all.  Rather than trying to deliver a compressed version of your full contribution, use your teaser to get the audience interested and intrigued in what they will find when they visit your poster or demo. In general, we encourage you to

  • Single out the most important idea or impact that you want your presentation to be remembered for.
  • Express that one idea, as memorably as possible, without rushing, using whatever visual and auditory support you find helpful.
  • Have someone unfamiliar with your work critique your videos, animations and script.
  • Have fun with it!

Presenting Your Teaser

Teasers will be presented in the order listed on the teaser program, which puts posters before demos in each session. Consult the teaser program to view session assignments.

All teaser presenters should come to the front of the lecture hall at the start of the teaser session to which they are assigned. Following the guidance of the Teaser Session Chairs, presenters should arrange themselves in the prescribed order and be ready to speak when it is their turn. Teaser presentations will be kept strictly to 40 seconds, so presenters are encouraged to practice their teaser until they are confident of meeting this time restriction.  All of the teaser slides will be consolidated into a single presentation that will be run by one of the Teaser Session Chairs.  Slide transitions will be controlled by the Chairs; as mentioned above, any other transitions (animations, videos, etc.) must occur automatically.

Example Teasers

Here are video clips of some of the best teasers from HAPTICS 2010.



To upload the slide, please enter the following information, select the file to upload, and click "Submit."

Select which type of submission this teaser is associated with.
Enter the ID of the associated poster paper and/or demo. If the teaser is associated with both a poster and a demo, please enter the ID number of both the poster and demo (e.g., "973, D94").